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Fusion Gun CS22WD by Graco for Spray Foam

Forget the years you have spent meticulously perfecting your maintenance routine on spray foam and coatings equipment with the Fusion Gun by Graco! Expertly designed and engineered to produce better results, all while reducing the maintenance down to a minimum. The Fusion CS line up provides flat and round tip combinations, and a variety of Graco mix chambers – The CS22WD features the Wide WD2222 Mix chamber with .022 size orifice and allows you to spray an 8 inch pattern from a 24 inch target distance, at a rate of 4.5 pounds per minute for spray foam and .5 GPM for polyruea applications.

The Fusion CS Gun is packed with revolutionary features including industry firsts for spray foam equipment! Featuring liquid purge, instead of the traditional air purge or mechanical purge, the Fusion Gun uses ClearShot liquid to keep your mix chamber clean. ClearShot comes in disposable, easy to replace cartridges that fit into the handle of the spray gun. Further, the Fusion CS is the first gun to hit the market designed for plural component applications but also allowing for variable flow.

Switch between 10 different settings with ease – and swap out your fluid head in a breeze. The gun head is kept clean and build up prevented thanks to ‘air knife’ technology, and the non stick coat on the head aids in consistent cleanliness. Between that and the ClearShot – You are poised to save up to an hour a day in reduced maintenance demands!

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Operation Manual: 312666
Brochure: 300615

CS22WD - WD2222 wide mix chamber (.022 orifice size)