air bag 12, 12" blower with 15' duct

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Allegro Industries All-In-One Ventilation System

Allegro Industries provides a great alternative for those of us that are tired of dealing with a complex construction ventilation system. The days of carrying around a complex system, and struggling during setup, have met their match. This easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to setup ventilation system by Allegro Industries is the perfect solution.

The All in One ventilation system is effective and simple to operate, and can be safely stored in between use. It features a 12 inch metal blower system with 15 feet of ductwork, all built into a heavy duty polyester bag. This all in one unit was designed with zipper ends that allow you to use the blower without ever having to remove it from the bag. A special opening in the carry bag allows for the power cords to be passed through and connected.

The blower itself has 9 fan blades that are made of polypropylene. The housing and grill are made of a durable steel that is also powder coated. The carry handle has a special molded handle with a two speed switch built in, providing on/off functionality. The 15 feet of ductwork is comprised of a PVC coated, light weight single ply vinyl/polyester blend. Lastly, the carry bag is yellow with black wear strips, providing for easy identification on the job.

Still not convinced? Allegro Industries shows the all in one ventilation system in action, check it out here. In our industry, some processes and tools cannot be streamlined and replaced- Luckily, Allegro has given us a solution to condense a process that is often necessary, and previously, always complicated. When it comes time to add to your equipment line up or replace a worn out exhaust system, consider this simple solution with Allegro. For additional respiratory and ventilation product information, connect with the Intech Equipment team online or by phone.