hp nova 2000 helmet w/nylon cape, breathing tube, heater

SKU: NV20-00H

Price: $705.00

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Lightweight pillow foam padding ensures the helmet always sits comfortably on your head. The padding is hook and loop mounted and easily removed for hygienic cleaning. The large wrap around double lens allows optimum vision without irritating side glare. Optional tear-off lenses are also available. The inner lens complies with ANSI Z89.1, Inner Lens ANSI Z87.1+ standards for impact resistance, providing a high level of protection for the worker. Air duct distribution diffuses an even flow of breathing air throughout the helmet to cool the head and face, and prevents the lens from fogging. Multi-layered sound deadening foam makes this helmet the quietest on the market. This helmet is offered with a High Pressure Adjustable Flow Control Valve, Cooler, Heater or Low Pressure Constant Flow Valve. NIOSH approved.