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ADP-20 Bullard Free-Air Pump

The Bullard ADP-20 was designed for use on job sites for providing air in a clean air environment. The ADP-20 is part of the line of Bullard Free-Air Pump systems, and it is the only air driven pump that can provide power for operation with climate control devices as well. In comparison with traditional air supplies, the ADP-20 is a low-cost alternative that allows workers to complete tasks up to 300 feet away from where the pump is located. In a contaminated environment the ADP-20 can be used for general applications as well as for situations classified as hazardous environments.

The ADP-20 boasts the features unique to the entire Free-Air line, including not requiring Carbon Monoxide monitoring, calibration or temperature alarms. The oil-free design does not produce CO or oil vapors and mists that are produced with traditional compressed air systems. In addition to being a great air supply for respirator users, the ADP-20 is an affordable solution for environments that are explosion risks and require expensive electric driven pumps that are explosion- proof.

Provide air for four hooded respirator users or six half/full face mask respirator users. The ADP-20 can operate effectively for 25 PSIG or less. For climate control, the ADP-20 can be used with Frigitron 2000 devices for one user. This allows for the user to have a decreased temperature without costly compressed air sources. To check compatibility between the ADP-20 pump and your respirator style, refer to the owner manual for the respirator and check the output is sufficient.

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