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EDP10 Bullard Free-Air Pump

The electric driven Bullard EDP10 Free Air pump is designed to provide clean breathing air for one, two or three crew members. The workers can be up to 300 feet from the pump at any given time, and the number of users is dependent upon the type of respirator style that is being worn. For a hooded version, one user can run off the EDP10. For a full or half mask respirator, 1-3 users can safely use the Free-Air Pump.

In addition to being able to support multiple users, the pump is oil-free which eliminates the expensive OSHA required Carbon Monoxide devices that monitor levels, and also eliminates temperature gauges and airline filters. Versus a traditional compressed-air system, the Free Air Pump can be a huge savings for your fleet. The unit is also designed to be easy to move and store. Weighing in at only 50 pounds, the EDP10 is easy to transfer between jobsites and installation is not accompanied by heavy fees and complicated directions. The EDP10 is also available with a built in Bullard Hour Meter here.

The internal design of the pump is built around 4 carbon vanes and can deliver a max pressure of 15 PSIG. Calibration is not required, and the open enclosure is drip proof and approved by both CSA and UL Requirements. The EDP10 is the perfect union between budget and function, a rare find in our line of work. The unit can handle the demands of most jobsites, and if you require more users to be able to receive air then Bullard has additional products in the Free-Air Pump line waiting for you.

Shop online today for a Bullard Free-Air pump or contact the Intech experts for additional information and to ensure that the pump is compatible with your respirators. To check, simply refer to the owner’s manual or other included resources for the respirators that you are looking for a source of air for.