pump,edp10 50hz, 220v

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EDP10 50HZ, 220V Bullard Free-Air Pump

The Bullard EDP10 (50HZ, 220V) Free-Air Pump is a pump driven by electric power to provide air flow for clean air environments. The pump can be easily set up on your jobsite, without the need to calibrate or to bolt for security/safety. Users can move up to three hundred feet from the pump itself, allowing a large range of motion leading to decreased down time. The EDP10 can be used for hooded respirator styles as well as for half mask or full face mask respirators. Dependent upon the type of respirator, users can share the air source. For a hooded, one user can receive air from the EDP10. For a full or half respirator mask, one –three users can simultaneously work with the air supply provided.

The EDP10 is considered the best low cost alternative to a traditional source (compressed air) because it operates differently and does not require OSHA regulated monitoring devices for Carbon Monoxide. It also does not have the need for temperature alarms or airline filters to be in use in order to safely and effectively operate. Eliminating these costly add-ons can lead to extensive cost savings over the course of a job! Couple that with the easy set up and install of the EDP10, and the decision is easy. In addition, the EDP10 style Free-Air pump can also be purchased with a Bullard Hour Meter built in already.

To check compatibility with your respirator line up prior to purchasing a Free-Air Pump, view the respirator manual to verify that the output is within the range required for the respirator to be used correctly. As always, the folks here at Intech Equipment and Supply can help you compare between the entire line of Free-Air pumps by Bullard to ensure that the EDP10 (50HZ, 220V) is the perfect solution for your and for your jobsites.