edp10 with hour meter


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EDP10 Free-Air Pump by Bullard with Hour Meter

The Bullard EDP10 (Electric Driven) Free-Air Pump is the ideal solution for providing air for one or two people on any jobsite that has a clean air environment. The pumps supply air up to 300 feet away, and can be used for one hooded style mask or two half/full face masks. Not only are the pumps themselves affordable, but they also eliminate the need for expensive OSHA regulated monitoring of Carbon monoxide, temperature alarms or airline filter. In comparison to compressed air, a Free-Air pump can save you a bundle.

Set up is easy as the unit is designed to be completely mobile. Transfer from jobsite to storage is super simple with this 49 pound unit. Installation does not have costly fees associated, and the EDP10 has a built in hour meter. Many Bullard pumps can have the hour meter installed after market, instructions are here. However, because the EDP10 comes with the hour meter already installed, you can track usage right from the start and ensure that your routine maintenance is kept on schedule and avoiding costly downtime and delays.

The pump itself is designed with 4 rotary vanes made of Carbon. Delivering a maximum pressure of 15 PSIG and a total airflow of 10 CFM, the EDP10 is sufficient for most smaller scale jobsite applications. The open enclosure has a drip-proof design and is approved by UL requirements and CSA. Bullard also offers a limited 1- year warranty.

Deliver the clean air that your crews need at a budget that you want to see. The durability and portability of the EDP10 combined with the flexibility that your workers get while in use, and this is a great air supply solution. Shop the full line of Bullard Free-Air Pumps today at Intech Equipment and Supply, or contact our experts for additional information to ensure that you select a Free-Air Pump that will meet your demands and is compatible with your current respirators.