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EDP16 Hazardous Duty Free-Air Pump

The EDP 16 designed for hazardous duty is available standard with easy to transport handles or available with wheels as well. Set up is fast and simple with the Bullard Free-Air pump line, the pumps do not require bolts to secure to a surface, and they can be conveniently mounted to a wall or ceiling for use. Users can move up to 300 feet around the work space, and 1 to 3 people can use this hazardous duty pump at the same time. User counts are determined by the type of respirator being used, for a hood respirator two users can share, and for a half or full face respirator mask, 3 users can share the EDP16.

Bullard’s Free-air EDP16 is an electric driven pump that is safely enclosed in a standard hazardous duty encasement. The enclosure itself is UL and CSA approved. Further, the oil-free operating design of the EDP16 means you do not need to deploy expensive OSHA required CO monitoring devices, and it also is not necessary to monitor high temps or to use airline filters. The Free-Air pump design streamlines all that goes into using an air source on the job, allowing you to focus on the tasks at hand.

The EDP16 HAZ as well as all of the Bullard Free-Air pumps are designed to be used with any manufacturer’s supplied air respirator. The owner manual on your respirator will be able to tell you if the CFM pump output of the EDP16 is enough to supply your mask.

Give yourself peace of mind and budget savings in hazardous environments- a combination that up until this point had rarely existed! Compared to traditional compressed air, a Free-Air pump gets you up and running faster, gives more flexibility during usage and has less overall operation costs associated with owning, maintaining and monitoring the pump.