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Bullard EDP16TE Free-Air Pump

The EDP16TE, part of the line of Bullard Free-air Pumps, is made to accommodate one, two or three users and is portable to easily move from jobsite to jobsite. The 1.5 horse power electric pump can supply for two in a hooded style respirator, or for three individuals that are wearing a half mask or full mask airline respirator. Weighing in at just under 100 pounds, the EDP16TE is easy to set up, transport and use.

Being an oil-less air pump, the EDP16TE does not produce carbon monoxide or other dangerous by products that requiring costly and consistent monitoring. With the EDP16TE, there is no need to adhere to OSHA regulations that require the use of CO alarms, temperature alarms and even airline filters. The EDP16TE is the most economical and easy to use alternative to compressed air supplies.

Made in the US, the pump itself does not require calibration and internal carbon vans are replaceable after the standard operational timeframe (Rougly 5K to 15K hours if cared for properly) and Bullard offers a full selection of maintenance and repair parts to ensure that you continue to see a return on your investment after long periods of use. The air pump comes with handles for easy carrying, and EDP16TE can also be purchased for hazardous applications, or with convenient wheels.

When on the jobsite, using a Bullard Free-Air pump means that your crews are able to get air delivered up to 300 feet from the pump location. This means that up to three members of your crew can share the supply and move freely to complete their assigned work. The unit is enclosed in a UL approved enclosure and also meets CSA requirements.

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