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EDP16TE Free-Air Pump by Bullard

The EDP16TE air pump in the Bullard Free-air pump line is designed to accommodate air supply for up to two or three people on a job site. For a hooded respirator, the pump is made for two individuals and for full face or half face mask airline respirators, the free-air pump can be used for three individuals. The EDP16TE is an oil free pump, which means you do not need to meet OSHA regulations and requirements for Carbon Monoxide monitors, alarms for temperatures or airline filters. Not only is the EDP16TE an affordable air supply solution, it also eliminates these costly OSHA regulated needs as well.

The Free-Air Pumps feature a 1.5 HP electric pump and are made in the US. Weighing in at just shy of 100 pounds, they can be easily transported from jobsite to jobsite with handles and also with optional wheels- which are standard on the EDP16TE free-air pump model. Calibration is not required to start usage, and the cord length of 7 feet has a standard ground three prong plug that can be easily accommodated with all jobsite setups.

When using a Bullard Free-Air pump, your workers can get air supply up to 300 feet away from the pump. This allows two or three crew members per pump, to move freely around the work space without needing to adjust bulky equipment. The EDP16TE is compatible with most manufacturer standard respirators, and this can be confirmed by checking that the respirator can be supported by the CFM pump output.

Simplify your jobsites and save money with the Bullard line of Free-Air Pumps. Respirators get the clean air required for safe work environments, and your crews get the flexibility and range of movement that a Free-Air Pump was designed to provide. Combine that with the added safety and elimination of CO concerns, and The EDP16TE is a win for both budget and function. Also available in a hazardous-duty version (EDP16HAZ).