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Free-Air Pump EDP30 208 Volt

The EDP30 208 Volt Free-Air Pump is a single phase, electric pump with a 5 horse power motor. Unlike other similar compressed air, electric pumps- the EDP30 is oil-less. This means that you are able to eliminate the worry and fees associated with monitoring Carbon Monoxide levels (having to abide by OSHA regulations) and you are also dismissed from high temperature alarms and airline filters when using a Bullard Free-Air pump. All of these expenses can be re-allocated into your business while you have the peace of mind that your crews are safe.

The design of the EDP30 promotes ultimate flexibility and portability. Air can be delivered to multiple individuals, and at a range of up to 300 feet from where the pump is placed within the jobsite. The number of users is completely dependent on the type of respirator being used, and to change between the two is quick and painless. For a full mask or half mask respirator, the EDP30 208V can support 6 with airline respirators. For a hood style, 4 users can share the source and lastly- for a climate control, Frigitron 2000, two hood style users can use the source. The EDP30 is small and easy to move from job to job, and set up is a breeze without costly install fees or complex instructions.

The EDP30 208 Volt Free-Air pump is shipped to you and includes inlet & outlet filters, as well as the necessary pressure gauges and required pressure relief valves. A quick disconnect air hose is also included along with compatible quick disconnect couplers. Custom orders are also accepted and contractors can work with Bullard directly to outfit the EDP30 208V exactly to your specifications. The Bullard EDP30 Free-Air pumps are an excellent addition to any lineup. If you find that the EDP30 isn’t exactly what you need, check out Bullard’s other great EDP designs now.