edp30 pump 230v

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Bullard EDP30 230V Free-Air Pump

The Bullard Free-Air pump system line includes the EDP30 PUMP, 230V that provides an air source for up to 6 users. Featuring a single phase, 5 horse power motor the pump operates efficiently and effectively, providing air for a range of up to 300 feet from the pump itself. The number of users accommodated is based upon the type of respirator that is being worn, and the EDP30 line can be used with climate control products as well. For a hooded style respirator with a climate control device, such as Frigitron 2000, the EDP30 can supply 2 users with clean breathing air. For a regular hooded respirator, four users can share the Free-Air EDP30. Lastly, for a full or half respirator mask, six users can use the EDP30 230V pump.

Compared to traditional compressed air pumps, the Free-air pump line gives an outstanding combination fitting both budget and user demand. Air is delivered up to 300 feet from the unit itself, and installation does not have costly fees or complex steps associated. The portable design makes transport simple and storage is minimal due to the compact size. Further, OSHA regulated Carbon Monoxide alarms are not required, as the EDP30 230V Free-Air Pump system is oil-less. Additional alarms for temperature and airline filters are also not required for safe and proper usage.

Order a standard unit or customize the EDP30 to fit your specific needs. Work with the experts at Intech and Bullard to find customization options as well as additional parts and information for regular maintenance or repairs. The EDP30 ships standard with both outlet and inlet filter cartridges, as well as pressure gauges and pressure relief valves, and the setup for quick disconnects- including hose and couplers. Browse other available EDP30 Free-Air Pumps, like the triple phase EDP30 PUMP 230V now at the Intech online store.