edp30 208v 3ph 5hp rev

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Bullard EDP30 208V Free-Air Pump

The EDP30 208V 3PH 5HP REV electric air pump is an industry favorite of the Bullard Free-Air Pump line. Clean air can be delivered at a lower price tag, for up to six individuals on a jobsite. Portable, easy to install and affordable to operate are all top factors for why contractors choose the EDP30.

The number of users is dependent upon the type of respirator, for a hood-style respirator the EDP30 can provide four workers with clean air. For a full face mask respirator or a half mask, up to 6 users can operate off this Free-Air Pump. Additionally, if using with Frigitron device for Climate control, two hood style respirators can be supported. To check for compatibility with your current respirator lineup, consult the owners’ manual and confirm that the respirator can operate on 30 PSIG or below.

The beauty of the EDP30 is that in addition to providing up to 300 feet of flexible air, the pumps do not require the typical monitoring and alarm setup designated by OSHA for oil driven equipment. The oil-less EDP30 Free-Air pump does not need temperature gauges, CO gauges or airline filters in order to safely function. The unit is shipped including outlet filter cartridges and inlet filter cartridges, as well as pressure gauges and relief valves and a quick-disconnect hose and six couplers. You will not have expensive installation costs, and assembly is easy to follow with a detailed instruction manual.

The EDP30 Free-Air Pump can be ordered as a standard unit, or can be custom built to your specifications. Standard units can also incorporate climate control features, including the Frigitron 2000 cooling tubes. When used with a Bullard respirator, the EDP30 is NIOSH approved.

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