edp30 230v 3ph 5hp rev

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EDP30 230V Bullard Free-Air Pump

The EDP30 (230V 3PH 5HP with reversing starter) electric air pump is a favorite in an industry that often requires clean air solutions at costly price tags. The Bullard Free-Air Pump line has combined the necessary function specifications in an affordable line of solutions. Clean air is sent up to 300 feet for 2 to 6 crew members, at a lower price tag than traditional electric air pump systems.

The style of respirator that is used effects the number of users that can be supported with the EDP30 Free-air pump. For a full or half mask respirator, 6 people can use the EDP30. For a hood style, four workers can be supported. Lastly, for a hood style with climate control, 2 can receive clean air from the EDP30. Compatibility is easy to check by consulting your respirator manual and ensure that the respirators are compatible with operation at 30 PSIG or lower.

The design of the EDP30 is oil-free which means that the electric air pump does not require OSHA Carbon Monoxide alarms, high temperature gauges or airline filters. This alone can mean a serious cost savings towards your bottom line on a jobsite. Add that with the easy portability and fast setup of the EDP30, and the savings continue to roll in.

The EDP30 230V, 3PH, 5HP with reversing starter comes standard with outlet and inlet cartridges for the filter, as well as pressure gauges and relief valves. The Quick disconnect hose is also included, as well as six half-inch Hansen compatible couplings. The unit can also be built to custom specifications by working directly with Intech Equipment and Bullard.

Shop Bullard Free-air electric air pumps at the Intech Equipment and Supply online store. Made in the USA, Bullard offers a one year warranty and a great selection of parts and resources for standard maintenance and repairs.