pump, edp50 208v single phase

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Bullard Free-Air Pump EDP 50 208 Volt

For spray foam and beyond, the Bullard Free-Air pump lineup provides solutions we never even knew we could ask for in the industry. Since Bullard first introduced respiratory protection products during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, their design and function have been continually improved and reintroduced based on demand from contractors like us. This means we get a better product, at a better price, and less hassle overall. This is exactly what the Free-Air Pump EDP50 gives us, and you can make the change today.

Key Features of the EDP50 208 Volt Bullard Free-Air Pump
  • Made in US
    • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Portable, unit standard with handles and wheels
    • Tire pressure at 50PSIG
  • Supply clean air for 6-10 users simultaneously
    • Seven respirators with a hood-style
    • 10 respirator users with a full/half mask
    • Compatible with all manufacturer’s respirators (Check that pump output is enough)
  • Oil free operation
    • No OSHA Carbon Monoxide monitoring
    • No high temperature alarm
    • Eliminate airline filters
  • Electric driven
    • Open, drip proof motor drive
    • Carbon vans can be replaced and do not require adjustment
  • Powerful airflow, work up to 300 feet away
    • Includes quick disconnect pods for max flexibility and movement
    • Airflow at 50CFM 10 PSIG
  • Ships standard or customize
    • Standard includes: inlet/outlet cartridge filters, pressure gauge(s), relief valve(s), pods, couplers
    • Customize by working direct with Bullard

With the EDP50 208 Volt, your crews are working faster and stopping less to tend to monitors and maintenance. The Bullard Free-Air Pump is a great alternative to using a compressed air supply pump, and your investment can provide a return for years with the great service and parts available at Bullard.

Shop with Intech today, or contact us for additional information and assistance with product comparison. The Free-Air Pump line contains over 25 pumps, and the EDP50 has several variations available to best fit your needs.