edp50 208v 3ph rev

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Free-Air Pump EDP50 (208V, 3 phase, Rev.)

Of the Bullard Free-Air Pump line, the EDP50 offers the most power and versatility with 208 volts of power from a three phase motor with a reversing starter. The motor drive is designed open and drip-proof, further protected by the reversing starters on all three of the phases of the motor. Max air pressure comes in right around 15 PSIG, with an airflow of 50 cfm, 10 PSIG. The unit comes standard or can be custom built to meet your specific needs.

A standard EDP50 (208V, 3 phase, reversing starter) includes both inlet and outlet filters as well as pressure relief valves and pressure gauges. Also included are two of Bullard’s air supply hose quick disconnect pods, and couplers. The EDP50 was designed to be portable and to allow for easy set up.

With the EDP50 (208V, 3 phase, reversing starter) you can supply air for 6 to 10 users. With hooded respirators, seven users can share the EDP50. With a full face or half face mask airline respirator, up to 10 users can simultaneously share the source. Once set up, users can move anywhere in a 300 foot range from the pump and still receive the air supply. The EDP50 will be compatible with your existing respirator lineup, as long as output from the pump is sufficient according to your respirator owner manual.

In addition to everything else that makes the EDP50 (208V, 3 phase, reversing starter) an industry favorite, the oil-less operation means that you do not need to have OSHA regulation monitors in place checking for carbon monoxide levels, and you also do not need high temperature alarms or airline filters for safe operation of the EDP50, or any of the Bullard Free-Air Pumps.

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