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Bullard Free-Air Pump EDP50 (230V, 3PH, Rev,)

This Bullard Free-Air Pump EDP50 is with 230 volts of power, a three phase motor and reversing starter for added protection to all three motor phases. As with all of the Free-Air pumps, the EDP50 boasts affordable and fast setup, along with minimal operational costs. The unit is designed to be completely mobile, perfect for the active contractor that cannot waste time installing and then un-installing and moving a traditional compressed air supply pump from job to job. With the Bullard Free-Air Pump EDP50 (230V, 3PH, Rev,) set up does not require lengthy calibration, and the air pump itself does not need to be permanently bolted down for stability. Transferring is as simple is unplugging from the power source, disconnecting and packing up external parts and hoses, and carrying the Free-Air Pump away by the easy to use handles.

In a contaminated workspace, users can hook up to the Bullard Free-Air Pump EDP50 (230V, 3PH, Rev,) and travel up to 300 ft. from the unit using the quick disconnect pods that come standard in the EDP50 package. This air pump has oil-less operation, which translates to even further costs savings for you. With a traditional pump, OSHA maintains standards that say you need to track CO production, temperatures and use airline filters. With the EDP50 being oil-less, there is no need to continue to do any of that.

Of the Bullard Free-Air Pump systems, the EDP50 with 230V, 3PH, and reversing starter can accommodate the highest number of users. Producing up to 50 CFM at 5 PSIG, the EDP50 gives air for 7 hooded-style respirator users or 10 full/half mask respirator users.

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