edp50 460v 3ph rev

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Bullard EDP50 (460V 3 PH REV) Free-Air Pump

THE EDP50 460 volt, 3 phase motor with protective reversing starter provides top of the line power and versatility for an alternative to compressed air. The Free-Air pump line by Bullard combines the demands made by contractors with the budget needs of any business to produce an air source that is affordable and that can work in multiple scenarios. The EDP50 can be ordered as the standard package or as a custom build based on your unique specifications and working directly with Bullard.

An EDP50 pump can supply air for six to ten users- dependent upon the style of respirator that your crews are using. For a hood styled respirator, seven users can share the EDP50. For users wearing full mask or half mask respirators, ten can share the air pump. Max air pressure is at 15 PSIG with 50 CFM airflow at 10 PSIG. Bullard includes inlet and outlet cartridges for the filters and pressure gauges, as well as pressure release valves and two supply hose quick disconnect pods, with couplers. The supply hoses allow users to work up to 300 feet from the location of the pump on the jobsite.

With the EDP50 (460V 3PH REV) and with all of the Bullard Free-air pumps, oil-less operation eliminates dangerous by products that require costly monitoring- such as OSHA regulated Carbon Monoxide alarms, temperature monitors and even airline filters. This further reduces the costs of operation and maintenance, solidifying the purchase decision to switch from traditional compressed air.

To check compatibility with your existing respirator lineup, refer to the owner manual of the respirator or to online manufacturer literature to ensure that the EDP50 output is enough to operate the respirators. Otherwise, the EDP50 is designed to work with all different manufacturer’s respirators.

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