edp50 230v 7-1/2hp 3ph rev

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EDP50 (230V 7-1/2 Horsepower 3PH REV) Bullard Free-Air Pump

Change the way you think about supplying air in contaminated work place environments with the Bullard Free-Air Pump system. This electric powered, three phase motor can provide air for up to 10 users simultaneously, while eliminating costly accompaniments of a traditional air source (compressed air). The Bullard EDP50 (230 volt, 7.5 horsepower, 3 phase reversing starter) as part of the Free-Air Pump line up, provides the spray foam industry with a new solution and a range of options.

Time saving features include quick disconnect point of attachment pods that allow for users to move around on the job, up to three hundred feet from the pump itself. In addition, installation does not require costly or lengthy set up processes. With the Bullard EDP50, there is no need for calibration and the air pump does not need to be bolted down for stability. The unit can be picked up easily by the affixed handles, and moved to a new location or to a new jobsite altogether. The EDP50 is also oil-less which translates into even more savings over time. OSHA requires monitoring of CO levels on a compressed air source, and you also need to monitor temperature changes and continually maintain clean airline filters. With the EDP50 (230V 7-1/2HP 3PH REV) none of those items are necessary.

The EDP50 can supply air for 6 to 10 users. The capacity is determined by the type of respirator being worn, and all manufacturer respirators are able to be used with the EDP50 as an air source. The only required compatibility check is to ensure that the output of the EDP50 is sufficient for your respirator. Otherwise, seven users wearing a hood respirator or up to 10 in a face (half or full) mask respirator can share the air source.

Upgrade your spray foam equipment line up today with the Bullard Free-Air pump EDP50 (230V 7-1/2HP 3PH REV) and Intech Equipment and Supply.