edp50 460v 7-1/2hp 3ph rev

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Bullard Free-Air Pump - EDP50 (460V 7-1/2HP 3PH REV)

Bullard has revolutionized the way we provide clean breathing air in a contaminated environment, and you can see the cost savings immediately with the EDP50 Bullard Free-Air Pump. Safer to use and faster to set up, this electric drive, triple phase motor provides air flow at 50 C.F.M at 5 PSIG. Sufficient enough to power 7 hood or 10 mask respirators (half/full face) at any given time. Say goodbye to costly OSHA regulations for carbon monoxide, as well as to continuous temp monitoring and changing of airline filters. With the EDP50, the oil-less operation means less maintenance and monitoring and more actual working hours.

The EDP50 460 Volt with 7-1/2 Horsepower and a 3 Phase motor (each phase protected by a reversing starter) can be built to custom specs or shipped standard for out of the box operation. A box EDP50 includes your filter cartridges (inlet and outlet) as well as pressure gauges, valves, and two supply hose pods that allow users to move about the jobsite- up to 300 feet away from the EDP50 Free-Air Pump.

Made in the US, the EDP50 (460V 7-1/2HP 3PH REV) features an open designed drip-proof motor drive with the three phases standard. Carbon vans can be replaced and do not require any adjustment, typically providing anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 hours as long as they are properly cared for. Long last filters, additional parts and any repair kits or parts can be easily ordered from Bullard, and every EDP50 comes standard with a one year warranty. Overall, the features and the benefits equate to a smarter investment that will improve your jobsite productivity for years to come.

Learn more about the EDP50 (460V 7-1/2HP 3PH REV) or other respiratory protection options with the Intech Equipment experts. Our valuable experience can mean less guessing, more productivity and a lower price tag for your equipment lineup.