classic 400g laddervator 28ft 400 lb.

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Laddervator Classic Hoist – 400 lb. Ladder Hoist

The Classic Laddervator by RGC is a platform ladder hoist used in vertical lifting applications, most commonly in the roofing industry. This ladder hoist is one of the most popular on the market today, and arguably one of the best and most reliable in its price range. With a maximum lifting height of 28 feet, and a total lifting capacity of 400 pounds, you’ll be able to transport materials more efficiently on your job site, saving your crews valuable time and energy.

Laddervator platform hoists are designed not only with functionality in mind, but also the safety of your work crews. Avoid expensive OSHA fines and violations by ensuring that you are properly providing all the equipment necessary to safely complete all tasks associated with a job, this includes the vertical lifting of roofing materials. The extended handle on the Classic Laddervator keeps your operating crews away from the loading dock during transport, providing a safe distance between the platform itself and the heavy load.

The OSHA approved Laddervator is an extremely cost effective alternative to a crane or forklift, and still allows for trusses, rolls and plywood to be easily moved vertically. The durable steel bottom lifting platform includes removable rollers, and is built to last the abuse associated with frequent job site use. A Laddervator PRO drive unit is also available, which moves easily on wheels and mounts to the first and third ladder cross-ties, eliminating the need for heavy lifting with added features.

Keep your crews safe with Intech Equipment and Supply, and get roofing materials where they need to be faster without costly damage or the need for heavy equipment to be rented and stored just for temporary use. Contact us today for more information and recommendations on the best Laddervator ladder hoist for your particular needs.