railguard 200 roof edge rail systems

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Railguard 200 Roof Edge Rail Systems

A roof edge fall protection system is critical to eliminating injuries and saving lives. OSHA requires that a fall protection system be incorporated anytime workers access the roof. Roof hatches, HVAC units, vents, scrubbers and leading edge areas are all areas that need fall protection. Garlock's Railguard 200 Railing System offers the perfect non-penetrating system to protect all these areas. Because you never know when people are going to be on the roof, many companies install these railing systems permanently to make sure that OSHA compliant fall protection is always in place. Simply put the base plate of these safety barriers down on the roof, insert the railing and pin together. You never have to drill into the roof or anchor to the substrate. With no penetrations into your roof there are no potential leak problems. For roof hatch guarding we offer systems with 3 and 4 sided protection with manual or self-closing gates and grab bar attachments to assist workers entering or exiting the roof hatch. Skylight guarding can be done with your choice of Railguard systems or CageGuard types that sit over the top of the light. Both models are freestanding.

Railguard 200 Roof Safety Railing improves safety and confidence for workers.

Everyone who accesses a roof should be provided the safety assurance of Railguard 200 roof safety railing. Roof edge protection is not only essential it is mandated when people are working near the roof edge. Railguard 200 qualifies as a Motion Stopping Safety Railing and can be used right on the roof edge for effective fall protection.