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Portable CO Monitor CO91-14LAC

The Air Systems International portable carbon monoxide detector CO91-14LAC takes the guesswork out of monitoring your supplied air CO levels. With easy connection and easy operation as well as a dual alert system, users can work with the peace of mind that their safety is monitored by expert equipment. Operating with just 9 volt batteries, this portable CO monitor is economical and practical for jobsite use.

The CO91-14LAC CO Monitor can be used to watch Carbon Monoxide levels either intermittently or with continuous sampling. Connect the CO monitor to a filter pot, ambient air pump, rented equipment or breathing air compressor and simply start working while the equipment keeps a watchful eye of the level of Carbon Monoxide in your breathing air.

The CO Monitor CO91-14LAC kit includes a 5 foot hose with Industrial Interchange (1/4 Inch) coupling, and standard alarm jack. Additional optional features include the high pressure version for up to 6000 PSI (Standard version is up to 150PSI) and optional high intensity alarm. Also available is a CSA approved version. The CO91-14LAC can operate while the case itself is in the closed position, further protecting your investment by avoiding any damage or intrusion that could occur during open use. The external light alarms allows for the CO monitor to safely and effectively operate while closed. Air Systems International provides additional accessories as well, including calibration kits and retro fit kits for old compressors or old filtration systems that wouldn’t ordinarily match.

Keep the clean air flowing safely with Air Systems International CO monitor system at Intech Equipment and Supply. The economical price tag coupled with the easy portability and diverse application scenarios virtually eliminate any excuse not to deploy this portable Carbon Monoxide detector for all of your crews today. For additional information, specialty add-ons or a specific retro fit, please contact us today for further assistance.