large portable fume extractor

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Fume Air 750 Portable Fume Extractor

The Fume Air 750 is ideal for welding applications and is easy to operate and maintain as well as affordable. Meeting OSHA standards for Source Capture, the HEPA Filter Fume Air 750 is large enough to handle demanding jobs and also portable to give you max flexibility on the work site. The unit is shipped to you assembled, and can be readily bolted onto the main extractor cabinet. You are up and running in no time with excellent environmental control.

Providing 750 CFM air flow with a 13 inch hood, the Fume Air 750 is perfect for large volume jobs where a higher flow is required. The 10 foot arm and 270 degree range of motion gives the best in flexibility, saving you set up and adjustment time with the ability to place the hood right next to the work station.

Featuring a 115 VAC, 12.5 amp motor the Fume Air 750 has an adjustable damper to regulate flow and is available to order with an additional hood light. With the 10 foot arm, you get 750 CFM max air flow. The unit is protected by a steel cabinet, and is easy to maneuver around a work site rolling on heavy-duty 5 inch casters.

With the Pre-Filter and the HEPA filter in place, you get removal of 99.97% @ .3 micron that also meets the OSHA PEL (Permissible exposure limit for Hexavalent Chromium. UL-586 Approved and DOP tested for 1000 CFM flow rate. The filter indicator lets you know when it is time to change out the HEPA filter, and the easy to access door allows for a quick swap without extra tools being required.

Order your Fume Air 750 today, or call Intech Equipment and Supply for the smaller portable fume extractor or any additional feature requests or questions that you may have. Keep your jobs safe and productive with Air Systems International at Intech Equipment and Supply!