air light-ii - quad head led - 12vdc

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Air Light II AL2-4-35 Quad LED Head

The Air Light II AL2-4-35 by Air Systems International boasts an outstanding line up of product and application features that make this portable lighting set up a great addition for numerous jobsite demands. It is impossible to predict what a jobsite, or the weather, may throw into the mix – But with an effective and dependable portable lighting solution you can be prepared for any situation. This versatile Air-Light II model has four LED lights, giving 3600 Lumens.

The design itself of the Air Light II line is perfect for job site use and abuse. Made to be a flexible fit for varying scenarios, but also built to withstand normal wear and tear. The rugged design stores away easily, folding up to just 24 inches. When fully extended, you can have up to 8 feet of flexible range with the aluminum mast. The weatherproof rating means that you can use the unit outdoors in wet or dusty conditions, as well as indoor environments that would wreak havoc on an alternative light source.

Your Air Light II AL2-4-35 is powered either by an internal battery or external VDC power. The DC Power port can also be used to charge 12 volt devices like phones or hand held lights. Additional power source includes clamp-style jumper cables that can be used to charge the external power source or to provide a jump to a vehicle if necessary. The internal battery is UL approved and will last through over 500 jump cycles. Air Systems International offers a 1-year warranty on the charger or the battery.

Choose the Air Systems Air Light II portable light solution that is best for you! With multiple options and all models boasting the same great standard features at economical prices, you simply can’t go wrong. Providing sufficient lighting for your work sites or for emergency situations can mean the difference in your profit and your reputation – Promote safety at work and provide portable lighting when the job demands with Intech Equipment and Supply.