air-light - dual cube - area light


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Air Light Dual Cube LED

The Air Light Dual Cube LED is a great choice for lighting solutions in indoor and even tough outdoor conditions. Built to withstand industrial use and abuse, and also able to endure harsh weather and wind conditions, the Air Light Dual Cube is as economical as it is functional. As part of Air Systems International’s Air-Light System series, the Dual Cube LED Air Light is a patented design that has been fine-tuned by the design and manufacture experts that know exactly what you need in the field.

With the Air Light Dual Cube, you get high-power light solutions in a portable, compact design. Set up and take down are simple, the Air Light series was designed to be used in general industrial applications and also emergency use – So you have ‘out of the box’ operation with a 30 second set up. The platform design gives stability, and the light itself can switch between AC and DC power dependent on your unique use case.

With the Dual Cube LED light, you get 1600 Lumens from 12 VDC, 20 Watt, 1.5 amps of power. This Air light can be safely used in extreme temperatures, approved for a range of – 40 Degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius. With a full charge on the battery, you get over 20 hours of run time with this versatile solution for construction lighting.

All of the Air Light portable lighting solutions feature the ability to switch between AC / DC power, as well as additional port that allows you to charge small devices using 12 VDC power. The Dual Cube LED light comes completely assembled, and the extension mast gives you 30 inches to 87 inches from the ground up - You will be hard pressed to find a situation that the Air Light Series cannot provide a lighting solution!

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