mini-cube light - single cube led - 12 vdc


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LED Mini-Cube Portable Light

Your diverse job lineup requires a lighting solution that meets safety specs without costing a fortune! The Single lamp Mini-Cube LED portable light is a great solution for an array of applications. Air Systems International’s patented design provides the lighting you need and the rugged design you want to keep your investment working for the long haul. Lightweight, collapsible and easy to set up, the Mini Cube light saves time and money in both labor and operation. The Mini Cube is great for routine usage on the job, or as part of your lineup for emergency use.

The Mini Cube has over 30 hours of run time when fully charged, and the design itself is water and dust proof. Made for indoor or tough outdoor use, this light can extend up to 8 feet with the collapsible pole. At just 24 inches when compact, you can easily store and also easily set up when needed. No additional tools are required for set up.

The Single LED light when fully charged with provide you with over 32 hours of lighting, and the unit can be charged continuously when not being used. Air Systems International provides a one-year warranty for the replacement of the battery or charger, and this light is rated for over 500 cycles of charging. The LED lamp itself is rated for 50,000 service hours. The Mini Cube LED light is ideal for construction and maintenance use at night, and can also be used for illuminating flaggers, providing area lighting, emergency response applications and more.

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