multi-pak air cylinder cart


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Multi-Pak MP-4H Air Cylinder Cart

Ranging from the most basic job site to complex set ups the MP-4H can cover all of your bases for housing air cylinders. This SCBA cylinder cart has been meticulously engineered to provide user considerate features while fitting an array of applications. From simple storage, to rugged design, and a four outlet manifold, the MP-4H is an economical investment for any equipment line up.

Featuring design and manufacturing expertise from the pros at Air Systems International, the MP-4H combines form and function. The quick-release hose racks, band tight nuts and recessed panel make reaction time fast without potential equipment damage or delays. The folding handles, nylon air cylinder straps and low pressure alert allow you as the user to focus at the task and hand and not monitoring and maneuvering the equipment.

Additional features include both output and input pressure gauges, CGA fittings (universal, hand tight) with bleeder valves and the CGA 347 band tight nuts. The 4500 PSI pressure, in line check valves and durable design make this an excellent fit for several different job site applications. Weighing in at just 49 pounds coupled with the compact design, steel frame and aluminum block manifold make transport and storage easy without the risk of damage. Ideal for emergency responders and hazardous location work – The MP-4H is small but more than capable allowing you to get the job done safely.

With Air Systems International, you get quality craftsmanship backed by 28+ years of design and manufacturing experience. With multiple patents in breathing air equipment and related PPE, Air Systems uses real life application and compounded industry knowledge to provide you with some of the best equipment in the market, and at a great price. Order the MP-4H online or browse additional products and accessories to round out your complete equipment line up. For additional information, compatibility questions and manufacturer resources, contact us today!