multi-pak air cylinder cart


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Multi-Pak Air Cylinder Cart MP-2H

Similar to the MP-2L Air Cylinder cart, the MP-2H by Air Systems International provides a 2 outlet manifold and increased 4500 PSI as well as hand tight nuts. Made and designed by Air Systems, the MP-2H can be used in hazardous location work as well as for emergency responders and a host of other applications. Made to fit into tight and complex areas easily, the MP-2H is user friendly and fast to modify with collapsible handles and more – Making even complex job sites easy to access.

In addition to folding handles, the MP-2H also has a high-flow adjustable regulator and both output and input pressure gauges. Other features include the universal hand tight fittings including bleeder valves, Velcro straps for the actual air cylinder, and a fast release hose rack. The frame of the unit is steel with a black coating, and the semi-pneumatic tires add durability and lessen the likelihood of damage on a work site. The light weight and compact size make use, storage and transport a breeze!

With the MP-2H you can select the necessary pressure range to accommodate a number of different applications, and all of the unique features have been incorporated based on actual field experience- making operation easier while increasing the efficiency of the air cylinder cart as well as ensuring preventative measures are in place protecting against damage.

With Air Systems International, over 28 years of design experience goes into every piece of equipment. Intricate detail and attention allow users in the field to bypass issues common with competing equipment – and all for a great price. Their full line up includes essentials for breathing air supply, portable lighting and more. With Intech Equipment, you can shop online day or night, or work with one of our industry pros to ensure you make the right selection every time.