15 cfm grade d breather box - 1 worker


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BB15-CO Grade D Breathing Air Breather Box

With the BB15- CO one user has a portable filtration source to provide Grade D breathing air on the job. Incoming compressed air is cleaned of particulates, water, atomized oils, mists and odors using a three stage filtration system. Stages one and two feature an automatic drain, and stage three has a manual drain. All three are monitored for filter change, and efficiency of filtration is 99.99% measured at .01 micron. Approved and meeting OSHA 1910.134 specifications as well as the Canadian standard for breathing air.

Internal components on your BB15-CO breather box are protected, designed to operate in an upright position with the exterior case closed. The protective outer case provides easy access while protecting the unit from normal abuse seen daily from regular wear and tear. Contamination and damage protection extends the life of your breather box, and ensures operation is able to continue as intended.

The built in airline Carbon Monoxide monitor on the BB15-CO operates on regular 9 volt batteries or can run on 8-16 v. DC power as well as 115 VAC. Providing continuous monitoring of your Grade D breathing Air and CO levels, you are alerted of increases in Carbon Monoxide by a visual and audible alarm system.

In addition to quality parts and craftsmanship, with Air Systems International you also get a two year warranty on the unit’s sensor and monitor as well as a free lab test. Air Systems provides a lab certified test for air quality at no charge to you. Additional parts and accessories are available to modify your BB15 – CO Grade D breather box to best fit your needs. For information on this and other product details, contact us today and we can assist in comparison and selection to ensure that your new PPE respiratory line up will get the job done right.

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