30 cfm grade d breather box - 2 workers


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30 CFM BB30- CO Breather Box

Having a reliable and quality portable filtration source to provide Grade D breathing air on the job isn’t a luxury, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get the best. Air Systems International provides a comprehensive selection of respiratory solutions for PPE. From breather box models ranging in user accommodation, to fixed panels and more – OSHA certified and meeting Canadian standards for clean breathing air has never been more affordable or simple.

With 30 CFM and 2 fittings to match your particular respirator styles, coupled with countless resources and reliable features, the BB30-CO is a great addition to any equipment fleet. Above the standard features that include built in CO monitor and triple staged filtration, added features are also available to further customize your equipment. With over 28 years of design and equipment manufacturing experience, as well as multiple patented designs, Air Systems can accommodate your unique needs at a price that doesn’t eat up profits.

The BB30-CO three stage filtration works to provide Grade D Air on the job site. Stage one removes particulates and bulk waters and features an auto-drain. Stage two also has an auto-drain in place, and removes mists and fine particulates with a coalescing filter. The final stage with manual drain works to rid air of the remaining odors and vapors. Leading up to an overall efficiency of filtration of 99.99% at .01 micron. Your breather box is also protected by the exterior case.

Order your BB30-CO online today or call our pros to discuss the custom options available, including intrinsically safe versions that are CSA approved for Class 1, Div 1 C & D Groups. We can assist you in navigating the features and completing the order so that you get exactly the Grade D Air Breather Box that you and your crews need.