50 cfm grade d breather box - 4 workers


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50 CFM Breather Box BB50-CO

When using a compressed air source, filtration is required in order to safely and effectively provide users with clean breathing air. In spray foam insulation, general construction and more – Air supply is necessary per OSHA code and for the overall safety and well being of workers. A portable system allows for you to provide air from job to job, and once you decide the number of users that will share the air source, you can begin to put together your breathing air systems. For four users, the BB50-CO breather box works with your compressor to filter Grade D breathing air.

Once hooked up with you compressor, the BB50-CO breather box filters the air in three stages, and monitors Carbon Monoxide levels while in use. Stage one removes bulk waters and particulates from the breathing air, and stage two follows up by using a coalescing filter to remove atomized oils and mists. The third and final stage rounds out the process by removing organic vapors and odors. All three stages of filtration feature a change indicator notifying the user when it is time to swap the filter. If filters are not properly changed, breathing air is compromised. The BB50-CO also features a built in Carbon Monoxide Monitor that continuously checks the levels of CO in the breathing air. If levels become to high then the alarm alerts the users of the issue.

When ordering your BB50-CO Breather box, specify the type of couplings needed to fit your respirator style. Hansen and Schrader are available standard, and additional coupling types are available for special order. Air Systems International can also further modify your breather box, for custom order information contact us today. Intech Equipment and Supply will coordinate your custom specifications with the pros at Air Systems International to meet your unique needs. Combining our customer service and industry expertise with the design and manufacturing experience of Air Systems International is always a winning combination!