100 cfm grade d breather box for 8 workers

SKU: BB100-CO8

Price: $2,795.00

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BB100-CO8 Breather Box for Grade D Breathing Air

The BB100-CO8 Grade D breathing air Breather Box is made for up to 8 simultaneous users with your specification of respirator fitting included when you place your order. This air filtration source for Grade D breathing air meets OSHA 1910.134 standards for breathing air, as well as the Canadian equivalent of Z180.1. The entire line of breathing air systems by Air Systems International are made to flow the maximum NIOSH capacity per user.

With this breather box, you can provide Grade D breathing air for respirator users and monitor CO levels during use. Stage one features an auto-drain and functions to filter out particulates and bulk water. The second stage features a coalescing filter that gets rid of mists, atomized oils and fine particulates also utilizing an auto drain. The final stage functions to filter out organic vapors as well as odors, and uses a manual drain. The triple stage filtration set up is OSHA 1910.134 compliant.

Users are alerted to dangerous levels of CO by the alarm sounding as well as lighting signals that work together to provide a dual notification. Additional options to customize your BB100-CO8 Breather Box include Point of Attachment extension boxes, independent respirator regulators, low pressure alarms, Clear View Windows, Fully automated reserved air systems and more. When placing your order, if interested in additional features, please discuss with an Intech Equipment and Supply expert. Customizing your equipment can provide your line up with additional value, but ensuring compatibility and meeting jobsite demands can eliminate unnecessary additions.

For all of your respiratory and breathing air systems requirements, think Intech Equipment and Supply. Air Systems International provides a full equipment line up, and even offers a free certified lab test for your first air quality analysis when you begin to use you new air filtration setup. For additional information on this as well as any equipment specification questions you may have, contact us today! Our experienced team is available to assist you and provide access to all of the resources for technical and application related information from Air Systems International.