15 cfm grade d breathing air panel- 1 worker


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Mounted Air Panel BB15 COPM

For long term or permanent work sites that do not require portability, an air panel is a great economical solution for Grade D Air Filtration. The BB15-COPM by Air Systems International is a powder coat steel panel that permanently installs to provide one respirator user with Grade D breathing air. The BB15-COPM, like the full Air Systems Grade D Filtration line up, has a three stage filtration in place to provide OSHA approved solutions for safe and clean breathing air. (Also meets Canadian and British breathing air standards)

With 15 CFM flow at 30 CFM flow capacity, the BB15-COPM has a built in Carbon Monoxide monitor that features dual alerts – Both sound and light triggered alarms alert the user if dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide begin to build. The three stages of filtration also feature built in filter indicators as well.

Meeting OSHA 1910.134 Grade D Air respiratory requirements, the BB15-COPM stage 1 functions to eliminate bulk water and particulates while stage 2 then uses a coalescing filter to remove ultra fine particulates and atomized oils. The third and final stage removes remaining odors and / or organic vapors. Functioning together to provide an economic solution for Grade D Air, Air Systems even offers a free certified lab test on air quality results.

When you order your BB15-COPM permanent mount breather air panel, specify the type of coupling you need for compatibility with your respirator. Choose between ¼ Hansen or Schrader, or select from additional options for an added fee. Air Systems International also supplies parts for routine modifications or repairs, and the sensor and monitor are covered for two years under warranty.

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