30 cfm grade d breathing air panel - 2 workers


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30 CFM Grade D Air Panel BB30-COPM

For long term or permanent jobsites requiring an air filtration system, opt for a mounted unit like the BB30-COPM. This air panel by Air Systems International provides Grade D Air for 2 respirator users. Filtering compressed air with a three stage, OSHA compliant filtration system, the BB30-COPM is mounted using a steel powder-coated panel.

The three stages of filtration in the BB30-COPM work in succession to provide proper filtration and alert the operator of filter change as well as CO levels in the breathing air. Stage 1 works to remove bulk waters and particulates. Stage 2 follows up by filtering out any atomized oils or ultra fine particulates. And the final 3rd stage gets rid of remaining odors or organic vapor. All three stages have a filter change indicator to let you know when filters have reached max efficiency and need changed.

When properly installed and maintained, the BB30-COPM will filter 99.99% at .01 microns. Your breathing air is also monitored for Carbon Monoxide levels with the built in CO monitor. Alarms provide noise and visual notification if CO levels rise. Powered by a 115 VAC conduit box, but also offered in 9 volt operation only for CSA Class 1 Division 1 ( Group C and Group D) that require Intrinsically Safe operation.

The BB30-COPM provides 30 CFM Grade D breathing air at 48 CFM flow capacity. Two users can simultaneously share the air source, be sure to specify the type of coupling required for your respirator. Air Systems International also offers custom parts and modifications, including the Intrinsically Safe models as well as optional NPT outlets and more. For added features or modifications, contact us today to coordinate with Air Systems.

Order online or by phone, Air Systems International features a full selection of Grade D Air breathing systems and each accompanied by a two year warranty on the monitor and sensor. For additional information, questions or compatibility planning, contact Intech Equipment and Supply today!