50 cfm grade d breathing air panel - 4 workers


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BB50-COPM Air Panel with CO Monitor for 4 Users

As an alternative to portable filtration for Grade D air, opt for a mounted permanent air panel. Perfect for long term jobs and fixed work sites, the BB50-COPM air panel will provide breathing air for 4 respirator users. Air Systems International panels meet OSHA, Canadian and British standards for Grade D breathing air. Featuring three stages of filtration as well as alarms for filter change alert and CO monitor built in, the BB50-COPM is a comprehensive breathing air solution.

Filter your compressed breathing air with 3 stages – Stage one cleans large particulates and excess water, stage 2 works to filter oils, mists and fine particulates using a coalescing filter and the final third stage removes odors and vapors. Users don’t have to manually monitor filters because of the built in filter change alert for each of the three stages and air is also monitored for CO levels. A built in CO monitor operates continuously running on 9 volt, 115 VAC or 8-16 VDC power. Both visual and audible alarms provide dual notification even in noisy environments if CO builds up to reach levels deemed hazardous.

The BB50-COPM mounts with a powder coated steel frame, and is compatible with any respirator style. Hansen and Schrader fittings are available for no extra fee, just specify upon placing your order. Other fitting styles are also available, speak with a customer service representative prior to placing your order to discuss pricing and availability. Air Systems provides a full selection of parts and accessories, and custom orders can be fulfilled to match your specific job site demands.

Order your Air Systems International BB50-COPM and you get a two-year warranty on the CO monitor and sensor, as well as a free lab test – Certified to measure air quality to ensure results are safe and effective. Browse the entire line up of respiratory solutions by Air Systems International today at Intech Equipment and Supply online!