75 cfm grade d breathing air panel - 4 to 6 workers


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75 CFM Air Panel for 4-6 Users with Built in CO Monitor

For the last 28+ years Air Systems International has provided supplied air solutions for multiple industries across the globe. Air Systems combines expert manufacturing and design experience with extensive industry regulatory knowledge to give solutions that meet demands, OSHA standards, and budget needs. The BB75-COPM falls into their line up of fixed mount air panels, as an alternative to portable filtration systems. Designed for use at longer duration jobs as well as permanent sites require Grade D breathing air filtration.

The BB75-COPM has three stages of filtration, with monitored CO levels reported using a dual alert system. The audible and visual CO monitor alarm notifies users if Carbon Monoxide reaches dangerous levels during any of the three stages of filtration. 4 to 6 users receive the Grade D breathing air through their respirator, with Air Systems providing a full array of compatible couplings.

The first stage of the filtration in the BB75-COPM rids breathing air of bulk waters and particulates. Stage two features a coalescing filter that removes atomized oils and missed, fine particulates. The third and final filtration stage then removes organic vapors and odors. Filter indicator sensors monitor the condition of the filters in each of the three stages, alerting you when it is time to change out the filter.

Air Systems International offers a standard 2 year warranty on the CO monitor and the built in sensor. The standard BB75-COPM has Hansen and Schrader couplings for the respirator hook ups available standard, but custom additional versions are also available. Designed to streamline your maintenance and labor on a traditional filtration system, the BB75-COPM can however be further modified to meet your specific needs.

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