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MP-TR1 Tech-Rescue Cart

Air System International’s patented Tech-Rescue cart was designed to provide an economical solution for technical rescue workers that require an air supply for both respirator use and for air tools simultaneously. With extensive design and manufacturing knowledge, Air Systems developed the custom MP-TR1 Tech Rescue cart for rescue teams and other emergency responders such as EMS and fire departments.

With the MP-TR1 users can have clean breathing air supplied directly to a respirator, and can use the opposite side of the cart to provide secondary air for tools and more. The color coded control panel allows for easy operation, and the stainless steel cart is rugged to handle daily abuse. Both versatile and unique, this air cart is used in multiple applications.

On the MP-TR1 the yellow color panel is dedicated to respirator air control. Featuring a pressure-relief valve switch, low pressure alarm, output regulator, user selected fittings and both an upper and lower hose rack – Users can easily change and control settings. The opposite blue side for air tools features a low pressure alarm, tool regulator, isolation valve, auxiliary inlet, fittings, regulator for accessory tools and a low pressure air tool or lift bag fitting.

The functional design is further simplified with the folding handle and light weight – Making this an ideal piece of equipment with easy storage and mobility. Additional available accessories include a quick fill hose, cover, the air cylinders and more – All in one easy place!

In emergency response and technical rescue, quality equipment is a not a luxury – But providing dual purpose, multi solutions at an economical price allows responders to focus on the challenges they face and not struggling to operate complicated, unreliable equipment. Design and manufacturing experience and a vast catalogue of industry regulatory information allow Air Systems International to provide custom solutions that can streamline efforts. For hazardous location, emergency response work and much more – Browse their full equipment selection today!