air-kaddy cylinder storage rack

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Air Kaddy Air Cylinder Storage

The Air Kaddy storage system by Air Systems International is a modular unit that provides storage for up to 35 individual air cylinders. The aluminum design and modular detail allow for expansion to meet your needs that exist today, and what you anticipate for the future! With the Air Kaddy, storage for an air cylinder is simple, affordable and can be completely customized to meet your exact needs.

The standard AK40- 35 unit is a standalone design made for a permanent storage solution in an office, warehouse, or other type of work space. The AK40- 35 features lined storage space to prevent a scratch on each individual air cylinder, using a nylon lining inside each compartment. The aluminum exterior is tough and durable – able to withstand extended time in environments where normal daily wear and tear can take a toll.

In addition to the AK40-35 Air Kaddy, Air Systems International also provides an array of custom solutions. Standalone units can be selected to accommodate 15, 25, 35 and the 40 units seen here, and a vehicle series is also available. The AK24 series is ideal for trucks and trailers used in emergency response and fire control. Since Air Systems International has extensive design and manufacturing experience, customization is a breeze. For extra protection in vehicle units, add thread savers to your order as well! Air Systems will install for you, and you no longer have to worry about damage to the thread of an air cylinder in transit.

Place your order online today for the Air Kaddy AK40-35 to provide SCBA storage for up to 35 air cylinders, or contact us to discuss custom options and pricing. Our experts can provide assistance in determining current and future needs, as well as review and provide an array of resources from the folks at Air Systems. Browse the full line up of breathing air and PPE solutions from all the industry’s leading suppliers at Intech Equipment Online today!