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band heaters for 55-gal drum


Price: $290.00

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Band Heaters For 55-gal Drum

A band heater or drum heater is an affordable solution to effectively heat up your cold process materials for roofing in a 55 gallon drum. Hennes-Johnson band heaters have been put to the test and ensure that you will see the results you need for a price tag you deserve! As part of an all encompassing line of heaters and temperature control products, Hennes-Johnson band heaters offer trusted results that ensure your applications are completed as intended per manufacturer material specs.

To install a band heater, simply affix it to the base of the 55 gallon drum. Plug the heater into a 120 volt receptacle, which is typically readily available on any jobsite. The material temperature is controlled by a thermostat on the exterior of the band, which you set to the temperature that you need for the particular cold process material. Always adhere to manufacturer directions to ensure that your materials are brought to the proper temperature resulting in the best application and long last roof quality. Materials take through the night to heat, and are ready for you to apply the next morning.

Precise temperatures required by cold process roofs cannot be ignored. The directions provided by the manufacturer have been tested and proven to be superior and sufficient for application to take place. Cold process roof systems are frequently used for new installs as well as to repair damage to extend the life of an existing roof system.

Browse the entire line of Hennes-Johnson roofing equipment, designed specifically for cold process materials. In addition to drum heaters, Hennes-Johnson manufactures in-line heaters, mixers, power rollers and sprayer systems to offer a complete lineup. Known for their quality craftsmanship, Hennes-Johnson equipment is tested individually to confirm quality operation as well as has an array of parts and accessories available for routine repairs and modifications.


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