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band heaters for 5-gal pail

SKU: HJ410

Price: $245.00

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Band Heaters for Cold Process Materials (5 Gallon Pail)

Trust your roofing materials for cold process applications to Hennes-Johnson from Intech Equipment and Supply. Band heaters for a 5 gallon pail offer a cost effective and dependable solution to bring roofing materials up to their recommended temperature prior to beginning the application process. Easy to install and easy to transport between jobs, Hennes Johnson Band heaters are a great addition to any equipment lineup, even if you are using In-Line Heaters as well.

The key to success in cold process roofing is temperature, temperature, temperature! Hennes-Johnson has been manufacturing equipment and supplies for cold process applications, specializing in temperature control products that are effective and safe. Tested to withstand normal job site abuse as well as to perform as designed and intended, each Hennes Johnson piece of equipment is a great addition to maximize workflow and profits.

By ensuring that your cold process materials are at the proper temperature you are guaranteeing that the application process goes smoothly. Failure to do so can leave you with materials that are spreading unevenly, and that will not stand the test of time for a roofing system. Cold process roofs are gaining in popularity, and heating control products allow contractors to perform applications even in outdoor temperatures that are on the cooler side during Spring and Fall months. With a band heater, installation is as simple as attaching the heater to the base of the pail and then plugging it into an appropriate receptacle ( 120 volt/ 20 amp ). The thermostat on the band heater allows you to adjust the temperature based on the manufacturer specs. This is done in advance, such as at the end of the day, and your cold process materials then heat throughout the night.

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