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band heaters for power roller


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Hennes Johnson Band Heater for Power Roller

Warm cold process roofing materials up to recommended temperatures with your power roller by using a Hennes Johnson band heater. Designed to work by being directly affixed to the tank of your power roller, this band heater will pre-warm your roofing materials overnight. Easy to use and affordable, this offers a perfect mobile solution for temperature control. The days of accommodating Mother Natures’ schedule are gone, and cooler working temperatures are no longer an issue with a heater in place.

The Hennes Johnson band heater line includes heaters for 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and this heater for your power roller. With cold process roofing materials, it is always necessary to follow manufacturer temperature guidelines in order to achieve the best application. Hennes Johnson makes temp control easy, with simple installation using only a 120 volt power source. The band heater is attached around the tank of your power roller, and then you plug it into a sufficient power source and set the thermostat to the temperature that you need. In doing so at the end of the work day, your roofing materials warm throughout the night and by morning you are ready for application.

Hennes Johnson has specialized in a complete lineup of tools, equipment and accessories for cold process roofing techniques. In addition to band heaters, Hennes Johnson provides In-Line Heaters, power rollers, sprayers and more to ensure that your roofing contracts go off without a hitch. In cold process roofing, having the proper tools in place is critical to guarantee that materials are in the proper form to provide the correct application, lasting for the life of the roof.

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