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trigger type pole gun, 42" ext


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HJ 171A Trigger Type Pole Gun with 42 Inch Ext.

The Hennes Johnson HJ171A Pole Gun allows for users to maintain the control during application while increasing comfort and lessening fatigue during the process. Some difficult to reach areas require ladders and scaffolding, and can still prove challenging to effectively complete the task at hand. Improvising by reaching and balancing is not only exhausting, it can also be extremely dangerous! Skip the hazards and cut time during applications with a Hennes Johnson Trigger Type Pole Gun that features a 42 Inch sprayer extension.

A pole gun not only allows you to gain access to spots routinely requiring scaffolding or a ladder, it can also allow for applications with limited entry points. The pole gun design allows for material to be applied properly, without giving up control or sacrificing the quality of your results. The additional benefit is that the comfort during the application process typically allows users to work longer, and experience less fatigue. The HJ171A is part of the full equipment line manufactured and perfected by Hennes Johnson.

Extend your reach on the jobsite with Hennes Johnson. In addition to pole guns, the Hennes Johnson product lineup includes heaters, mixers, and more – Even extensive accessories and parts to keep your equipment performing at peak operational efficiencies. Additional resources direct from the manufacturer allow for easier troubleshooting and a minimal amount of downtime. Cut waste and reduce potential accidents with equipment that impacts the bottom line on your projects without being to harsh on your budget.

Hennes Johnson specializes in cold process roofing materials, priding their success on extensive testing during design and application as well as an increased concern for user safety during operation. Intech Equipment and Supply provides their entire catalogue in our easy to browse online store, and our pros are available for questions and to place your order. For your cold process roofing needs and more, shop Intech Equipment and Supply!


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