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3/8" pressure relief valve (bleed valve)

SKU: HJ189


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HJ189 3/8" Pressure Relief Valve (Bleed Valve)

Included in the full line of Hennes Johnson cold process roofing equipment is both spray guns and replacement parts, manufactured and tested to give you the best in results and savings. Keeping with Hennes Johnson tradition, your spray gun has been designed to operate at peak performance while ensuring proper function to provide for complete user safety. Each and every design consideration is evaluated for performance based information as well as to ensure that material compatibility and user safety are additional top priorities. The time will come where normal abuse and jobsite use resulting from the harsh roofing materials, requires that parts are replaced on your spray gun.

Hennes Johnson and Intech Equipment are ready with a full line of compatible manufacturer parts and supplies to update, repair or modify your HJ spray gun. The 3/8” HJ 189 Pressure relief valve is available for individual purchase to ensure that your spray gun continues to operate safely and as intended for the applications at hand. A Pressure relief valve or bleed valve functions to ensure that your spray gun does not get overloaded by the amount of pressure supplied and then default and cause application errors or user injury. By keeping your pressure relief valve in top shape with regular maintenance and necessary replacement, you are ensuring the quality of your jobs are maintained as well as the safety of your crews.

Order a Hennes Johnson HJ 189 Pressure relief valve (Bleed Valve) in preparation to decrease down time, or as soon as you notice an issue with equipment performance. In working with the Hennes Johnson pros, we can help assist you in ensuring the proper part and compatibility with your intended application. Shop the full line of Hennes Johnson Spray guns and parts today at our convenient Intech Equipment and Supply online store!


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