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probler p2 elite gun assembly gcp3r4


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GCP3R4 Probler P2 Elite by Graco

The GCP3R4 Probler P2 Elite gives you the power to spray up to 29 pounds of spray foam per minute, streamline maintenance and reduce spray foam equipment wear and tear, all rolled into one by the pros at Graco. With the Probler P2 spray foam gun, get into even harder to reach spaces, and increase your precision as well as your spraying time. All of the Probler P2 guns boast anti-crossover limitations that keep the dry side of your gun dry, protecting the air piston and reducing the wear and tear on your spray foam equipment.

The Probler P2 Elite includes the 33 pounds of trigger force made possible by the double piston trigger design, reducing fatigue and letting you spray for longer. The P2 Elite also allows compatibility with even more Graco accessories, as well as providing alternative side block hose routings and easy filter removal. The Mix chamber can also be easily swapped out thanks to the two piece chamber and chamber insert design. With the GCP3R4, you get the Probler P2 Elite, the GC 2504 mixing chamber and the GC 2514 mix chamber insert.

Use the GCP3R4 for spray foam insulation, getting a 15.5 inch spray pattern at a 24 inch distance. This Probler P2 Elite spray foam equipment can be used in both residential and commercial jobs, on wall and roof insulation. Shop online today or contact our experts at Intech Equipment and Supply for all of your Graco and spray foam equipment needs!

  • 29 LB / Minute Max Output
  • 3.0 LB – Probler P2 Elite Gun Weight
  • 200°F (93°C) – Maximum Fluid Temp
  • 6.9 In. x 8.7 In. x 3.5 In. (17.5 x 22 x 8.9 cm) – Probler P2 Elite Measurements
GCP3R4 - GC2504 w/ GC2514 15.5 in (394 mm) NA 29 lb/min


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