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probler p2 automatic gun gcp4r5


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Probler P2 Automatic GCP4R5 Graco

The GCP4R5 is the top of the line spray foam equipment from the Probler P2 automatic series. Boasting all the fantastic features, and giving max spraying capabilities with application rates for spray foam at thirty six pounds / minute at 1000 PSI. With that comes precision delivered by the pros at Graco, and a large coverage range with the spray pattern measuring 18 inches when applied from 24 inches away.

The Probler P2 line up includes coatings equipment and spray foam equipment – Choose wisely read each kits’ details to ensure you select the best package for your jobsites. Probler P2 combos include coating and foam, and foam only capabilities. The automatic features on the GCP4R5 include dual air ports located in the unit head, which allows for engaging and disengaging in the piston for use with automatic sequences of spraying. An increasing amount of jobs are requiring robotic process capabilities, and with the GCP4R5 you won’t be left in the dust!

The standard Probler P2 gun includes enhanced maintenance features that eliminate issues commonly seen in other spray foam equipment, like material obstruction on the dry side, and damage to the air piston. Tedious maintenance is brought to a minimum, and you can spray longer and more comfortably with the lightweight, ergonomic structure. The GCP4R5 comes with the GC2505 round, 05 mix chamber and the GC2515 Mix chamber insert.

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Operation Manual: 313213
Brochure: 300615

GCP4R5 -  GC2505 w/ GC2515 18 in (457 mm) NA 36 lb/min


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