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polyurethane insulation training class (pitc)

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Polyurethane Insulation Training Class (PITC)

Does the thought of being able to do things on your own intrigue you? What about advancing your career and taking your business to the next level? At Intech Equipment and Supply, we offer a great opportunity for the spray foam insulation enthusiast. Our Polyurethane Insulation Training Class or (PITC) is a class where you can learn all the basics when it comes to polyurethane insulation and be on your way to taking on home repairs or building out your business.

Polyurethane Insulation Training Class (PITC) is offered by Intech Equipment and Supply, and is the ultimate and most comprehensive spray foam insulation training program, including both classroom discussion and hands-on learning. It is a 40 hour class, located at our San Bernardino, CA location. The class is designed to give you the competitive edge and expertise you will need out in the field. We also provide a certificate of completion for passing the written exam upon the courses’ completion.

Here are some of the benefits of Spray Foam Insulation:
  • Spray foam insulation can save on energy costs and help lower utility bills. 
  • Buildings treated with spray foam insulation will generally insulate as much as 50% better than the other insulation products.
  • Insulation that is sprayed in buildings helps protect against moisture, which in turn provides the benefit of reducing harmful molds and mildews. 
  • Eliminating mold growth reduces the probable chances of rotting wood in a home, and dangerous allergic reactions to mold spores.
  • In addition to a buildings temperature and moisture control, spray foam insulation also helps to filter noises. Foam insulation serves as a blocker to sounds, and reduces the transfer of sounds through a building's roof, floor and walls.
  • Homes treated with spray foam insulation can more often than not qualify for state and federal tax deductions in the United States.
If you are interested in attending our Polyurethane Insulation Training Class, please contact us for more information, or you can simply add this item to your shopping cart to make the purchase. We will contact you after the purchase to schedule your class time.


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