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spf course for roofers

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Whether you are just getting started or bringing new crew members up to speed, Intech Equipment and Supply can assist you with the proper training and procedures covering a wide variety of topics within the Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation industry. 

As part of our SPF Course for Roofers, participants learn proper application and spray foam equipment operation for SPF insulation, safety training, rig introduction, and much more. Give yourself and your business a competitive edge in the industry with proper comprehensive spray foam training.  

SPF Course Instructors  

Our roofing instructors are among the leading SPF consultants in the spray foam roofing industry and are fully accredited. Each instructor is a trade professional and has vast hands-on experience in spraying, consulting, and inspecting. 

They provide helpful tips on materials application, troubleshooting equipment, controlling job quality, project efficiency, and record keeping that will help you get your supplier on your side in the case of a challenge, building code issue, safety and health, and much more.

SPF Course for Insulators Class Description

Day 1:   101 Fundamentals of Spray Polyurethane Foam:  If you are new to SPF or need a refresher on the basics, this is the class for you. Develop that solid foundation upon which more advanced learning is possible.

Day 2:   101R Fundamentals of Spray Polyurethane Foam and Covering Systems:  This comprehensive class was developed by leaders from the contracting, coatings manufacturer, and polyurethane foam manufacturer segments of our industry under the guidance of the SPFA Accreditation Committee. The course consists of chapters with an emphasis on materials, applications, equipment, quality control, and safety. 
Days 3 - 4:   E&M Materials and Equipment: This class must meet a particular set of criteria, is screened by a sub-committee and voted on by the Accreditation Committee for inclusion into the course. The course divides into two types: equipment and materials. This class offers training in the specific, non-generic products that contractors use on their jobs

Day 5:   R-1 Roofing Fundamentals: Presents the fundamentals of roofing practices and theory for all roofing systems other than SPF.

 Class FAQs
  • Each class is eight hours, 7:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m., including a lunch break.  
  • Each class includes a study/reference manual. 
  • All examinations are in a true/false, multiple-choice format and are graded immediately after the exam. This approach enables the student to know their scores right away and gives them the ability to ask any questions in-person
  • Upon completion of all classes, each student receives a certificate from Intech Equipment & Supply.  
  • Class cost is $350 per student (paid in advance). We are happy to assist with directions, lodging, and local restaurants. 
  • Upon request, we teach these classes at our customers' desired location or any other Intech Equipment & Supply location
  • For scheduling purposes, should the minimum number of students not be met, Intech reserves the right to cancel a respective class with a full refund to each registered student. For those students canceling after payment is received, a 25 percent fee may apply

Do you need help setting up your registration? For more information, please contact Keith Coultrap at (602) 763–7476 or (866) 652-9975.

Education: Your Best Tool 

Other course topics covered include troubleshooting, buyer education, and SPFA certifications. We also have SPFA Certified Field Examiners that can observe your applicators and crew on the job site for your final step in getting SPFA Certified. 

Learn the skills and information you need to be able to maintain your SPF equipment properly, make repairs, and ultimately troubleshoot issues to get your crews back in business faster.


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