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puf plane

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Puf Plane Scarfer for Spray Foam Removal

The process of removing old or existing spray foam has always been time consuming and tedious. Now, there is a much easier way! The Bentley & Sons Puf Plane portable spray foam removal machine has been tested in the field and has proven its worth on over 487,000 square feet of damaged and reverted roof. Developed by spray foam insulation and roofing professionals, this specialized piece of equipment came to fruition solely to solve an existing problem- when no other solution was on the horizon. The design and functionality of the Puf Plane make it an ideal piece of equipment for the spray foam contractor that needs to efficiently complete what is often the first part of any job- clean up and removal of existing materials. Now the job of removing existing spray foam can be done quickly, with consistent results with the Puf Plane foam scarfer.

This spray foam scarfer machine is designed to be small and lightweight to allow for maneuvering through doorways, and the majority of roof hatches that you will come across on the job site. Its lightweight design also means you do not need any special lifting or hoist equipment, your crews can safely and easily move it vertically. While permanently replacing hand tools may not be 100% possible, this machine takes you as far as possible by automating the removal process in an easy to use, easy to transport piece of equipment.

Run the Puf Plane over your old, existing worn out spray foam, the results are a smoother surface, that is smooth enough to allow for you to apply new spray foam immediately, without any delay or lag time. The design allows for you to operate and cut as close as 6 inches within the proximity of an object or an edge. The blades can be changed as well, on site with your own crews- saving you money and minimizing down time and service costs. Any general parts that may wear out on the Puf Plane can be purchased at most local supply houses, such as bearings, belts and blades.

Puf Plane Specs Include:
  • Briggs & Stratton 8 HP Engine
  • 319 cc Displacement Model 19H
  • 1.5 Gallon Fuel Tank
  • No- clutch Design
  • Weight - 225 Pounds (empty)
  • Cuts within 6 inches of a parapet, object or edge
  • Cut up to 1,000 Sq. Ft. per hour with 12” blade set up, on 40 Mil. Urethane coating
  • 7.25 Inch Standard contractor carbide saw blades – Field replacement made easy.


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