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55 gallon drum heater pro


Price: $972.00

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BH55PRO Drum Heater – 55 Gallon Drum

Increased versatility and a larger temperature control range, the BH 55 PRO series heater blows a traditional band heater out of the water on both performance and return. For a 55 gallon drum, the BH55 Series is quickly becoming a favorite across multiple industries – Providing simplified but efficient heat to keep materials at the proper temperatures – and to protect your investment and prevent burning. Get the extra heat without sacrificing reliability or efficiency with the BH55 PRO Series today!

With a digital, adjustable thermostatic controller the 55 gallon drum materials can be heated up to 145 degrees Fahrenheit versus the traditional BH55 Drum heater, with a max temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Adjust within + or – 2 degrees, and deliver uniform heat to the whole drum surface. Use the BH55PRO on either a poly or steel 55 gallon drum.

The patented GreenHeat technology and the unique Powerblanket delivery system are what takes the drum heater a step above the rest. Greenheat technology provides for efficient heating, eliminating waste and allowing for faster heating times. The insulated, fully wrapping design keeps the 55 gallon drum temp longer, and even heat prevents any hot or cold spots – while also ensuring materials don’t get to hot and ruined or burned. The 3 zone heating design is unique – and reacts to the level of material within the 55 gallon drum. If full, the drum heater zones all enact and evenly distribute the heat. As the day goes on and the drum begins to empty, once a heat zone is passed – the drum heater senses it and shuts off that zone – essentially saving energy but also ensuring that materials don’t burn. When you refill, all zones become active again – but with every moment in between even heat is distributed.

Get the heat you need, when you need it – and Opt for the BH55 PRO drum heater for your 55 gallon drum materials. Order online, or browse all Powerblanket heat equipment.

55gal Pro 160°F ±10°F w/ Adjustable Controller 120V 960 Watts 8.00 Amps


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